Sonya : OnceIMG_9948 upon a time I was reading a book about Buddhist teachings, and I came across the word ‘Satori’.  I instantly knew this word was important; it was important in my future dream to found an ‘Art Gallery with a difference’.  It’s funny how those poignant moments in life stay with you; so I wrote the word down in my notebook, then I could savour it for the right place and time in the future…

Years later, I am writing to you as Creative Director and Curator at  My dream has been realised and with the support of my Co-Founder Neil, I am able to launch this new approach on-line Gallery into the world.

I am also an artist in my own right, having been taught to paint by my father, introduced to the wonderful world of texture and form by my ceramics teacher at school and later by three inspirational tutors at university.  My world is made serene by my love to create, so I understand first hand how important it is for an artist to survive financially doing something that feeds their Soul.  My wish is to share beautiful and inspirational art with the world and foster genuine relationships with our artists – creating a revolutionary approach to how artist and gallery can work collaboratively to promote and sell artwork.

My role is to act as custodian to the ‘Satori Ethos’, to keep us on track as we grow, making sure our principles are adhered to, and help us navigate to higher grounds where the Gallery can grow and flourish.  I also Curate our Pop-up Exhibitions, making sure each artist is paired with a venue and setting which works in synergy to bring out their works’ best potential.  I love the variety and potential in my role!


Neil : Sonya invited me into her wonderful world of Satori, and ever since I have been helping establish the brand so our Gallery can grow and flourish with inspiring creatives and beautiful artwork.  Together we work in unison to grow and nurture this exciting new venture.

My role is Commercial Director, supporting Sonya’s vision of providing authentic, commission-free representation for creatives in a variety of genres.

I look after marketing and am responsible for creating revenue streams and business channels for Satori to enable us to support our creatives without the burden of high commission structures that often inhibit the development of sustainable relationships between galleries and their artists.