We hope you are reading this page because you are already curious about Satori, so please listen to our ethos.

The word ‘Satori’ is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, or gaining sudden enlightenment through comprehension and understanding. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori refers to the experience of kenshō or “seeing into one’s true nature”. Our founder stumbled across this word while reading texts on meditation and intuitively knew that one day this word would inspire a new and enlightened way of bringing artist together with gallery; using an authentic selling approach with integrity and fostering gratitude for sharing beautiful and inspiring artwork across the world.

The goal – to assist in sharing art in all it’s forms with the world in a truly collaborative way, building on the skills and gifts that artist clients have to offer. Thus avoiding the strangulating confines of commission structures and instead fostering an artist and gallery community built on trust, sharing, collaboration and gratitude.

We invite you to send us samples of your work, in whatever artistic discipline, following the guidelines for application below. We will then send you feedback on your work and provided we feel your artwork compliments our ethos and style we will start developing an individual strategy for the advertisement and ultimately selling process of your artwork.

We will give you suggestions of how you may wish to ‘gift’ us in exchange for our services, but inherently this is an individual response which needs to be established between artist client and Satori, and so you will have different ‘gifts’ to offer compared to any other artist. We hope you will find this revolutionary approach refreshing, invigorating, and inspirational even. We hope you will use your creative mind to come up with a ‘gifting solution’ that will mean both parties are smiling and one that sews the seed for a relationship of longevity.

We look forward to seeing your artwork and exploring possibilities with you.

Kind Regards,