Satori Gallery Opening Weekend

Not only is live, but we are in the midst of our opening Exhibition with Lillian Delevoryas and ceramicist Sonya. The Private Viewing was an amazing and successful evening with a third of both artists' work sold on…

The Importance of Placing Art in a 'Home Context'

As curator for Satori Gallery, one of my responsibilities is to make sure the art we exhibit is displayed to it's full potential.  You may instinctively think this means considering the lighting, positioning in a room, flow with surrounding…

Satori Gallery Interviews Lillian Delevoryas

Sonya from Satori Gallery spent some time In The Library with Lillian Delevoryas, exploring her inspiration, her work and ethos. Click on the image below to watch the video. SaveSave SaveSave

New Artist Gallery Submissions

We would love to hear from you if you are a creative seeking a very different style of representation for your work. As you probably know by now, Satori Gallery is a commission-free gallery that instead of taking a high percentage of the…

One Month Until Gallery Opens

With just one month to go until the Satori Gallery opening we are becoming very excited about the prospect of bringing exciting new art, ceramic, sculpture and photographic collections to the world. It sounds a big claim but as soon as an…


What is Satori?

We hope you are reading this page because you are already curious about Satori, so please listen to our ethos. The word 'Satori' is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, or gaining sudden enlightenment through comprehension and understanding.…

Who We Are

Sonya : Once upon a time I was reading a book about Buddhist teachings, and I came across the word 'Satori'.  I instantly knew this word was important; it was important in my future dream to found an 'Art Gallery with a difference'.  It's…

Satori Gallery

Satori Gallery