Satori Gallery Opening Weekend

Not only is live, but we are in the midst of our opening Exhibition with Lillian Delevoryas and ceramicist Sonya. The Private Viewing was an amazing and successful evening with a third of both artists’ work sold on the night. The weekend now continues at Engineer’s House, Clifton Promenade BS8 3NB on Saturday 5… Read More

Apache Names For Sonoran Collection

Sonya describes why her Sonoran cactus-inspired vase collection all have native American Apache names: “Because my inspiration for this collection has come directly from the native Sonoran Cactus in Arizona, it seemed appropriate and fitting that each vessel was christened with an Apache Native American name. The naming traditions of Native American Indians varied greatly… Read More

“In the Library” Collection by Lillian Delevoryas

Lillian Delevoryas is a Bristol-based American artist whose career spans six decades. Trained in Fine Art, Calligraphy and Woodblock printing she initially achieved recognition during the 1970s for her pioneering work in Appliqué and Tapestry for both the Fashion and Interior design industries. In the 1980s this recognition led to commissions for commercial applications over… Read More