“To review my past history as an artist and to draw from each period the most important aspects which can still feed my current work, and return to these subjects in order to perfect them. In a way, it’s a kind of Proustian ‘Remembrance of things past’, where in memory, the event or subject is crystallized – stripped of everything but its essentials.” Lillian Delevoryas

LDinStudioWe hosted Lillian Delevoryas’ unveiling of her brand new collection “In The Library” on the weekend of 5-6 August 2017 at Engineer’s House, Clifton, Bristol.

Lillian quotes Hokusai’s Old Man Mad About Painting, “From the age of five I have had a passion for sketching the form of things, from about the age of fifty I showed a number of drawings, yet of all I drew prior to my seventies there is truly nothing of any great note. When I was seventy-two I finally made out something of the shape of grasses and trees, the structure of birds and other animals, insects, fishes. Therefore when I become eighty I shall have made more progress; in my nineties I shall have penetrated even further the hidden meaning of things; at the age of a hundred I shall have reached the divine mystery, and at one hundred and ten even dots and lines will surely possess a life of their own. I only beg those of you who will live long enough to verify the truth of my words.”

Lillian Delevoryas’ In The Library Collection

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