Art is a corollary to the scientific understanding of matter

Artist Stuart Nurse joined us this weekend at our new artist application event in Bristol and we enjoyed hearing a deeply considered approach to selection of works for such an event.

Here’s what Stuart told us:

“The works I’ve chosen to present are the larger studio paintings which are inspired by my paintings executed on location in the countryside.

The studio paintings make use of the colours, textures and forms I’ve observed in the location work and are based on the ideas that develop in my imagination during the process of painting them. They reflect my response to the natural world which suggests that the natural world has an innate significance to me. I think about this relationship a lot and believe that at a very basic level we all need contact with where we come from.

For me, art is a corollary to the scientific understanding of matter which takes apart the elements that the physical world is made of. We ignore the natural world at our peril and we should understand that there is an emotional as well as a physical connection between us and nature. Nothing in nature should be taken for granted no matter how seemingly mundane. Every plant and creature has its role in the great process of life and every small thing is important.

Characteristically my large paintings adopt an element that is repeated, like DNA, which is used to build up the image representing the idea I’m developing. I don’t necessarily know how the painting will look when I start. There is a continuing process of painting and appraisal and often the concept changes as well as the composition. Each paint element is as important as any of the others.

I’m very excited about the possibility of working with Satori Gallery. Sonya and Neil have a unique capacity to provide a truly practical, business like approach to marketing art combined with a sympathetic attitude to protecting the creative authenticity of the artists they represent.”

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