Gravitational Forces to Create Abstract Pieces

In part 3 of our series of interviews with artists short-listed for the upcoming selection event in Bristol in early November, we talk to vibrant abstract artist Jess Owen

“I am very excited (and a bit nervous) to be coming to Satori. I’m looking forward to meeting Sonya and Neil and to the event in general. The opportunity to talk about art, colour, and paint with other creatives is always welcome. Satori gallery, it’s ethos and approach to working with artists is itself special. The chance to be a part of it is even better.

When deciding which pieces to show at the event, I felt that going with the pieces that I love and feel most passionately about was a good place to start. I want to represent the work I am currently creating. When creating, my focus is on the colour and the technique used to apply the paint. I enjoy using gravitational forces to create abstract pieces. I plan to show a variety of these in the work I bring. Each piece will be connected via these aspects – I always use vibrant colour and sometimes use more than one technique per painting. There will be overlaps in the pieces I bring.


I would suggest that others do the same. Choosing the pieces that you love, should make it easier to discuss the work. Also make sure that you adhere to any criteria given and take heed of any suggestions given by the gallery themselves.”

The Satori Gallery selection event will be held on 3 November in Bristol and we are excited to share the event with you live, throughout the day.

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