Mind, Heart and Soul

In advance of November’s Satori Gallery selection event we talk to Paul Kingsley Squire about his inspiration, motivation and focus when preparing for art events…

I am a London based artist led by an exploratory drive to create work in different mediums using experimental techniques.

For the Satori gallery event I wanted to show an overview of myself as an artist expressing the threefold aspects of Mind, Heart and Soul, by choosing works which fall into three distinct categories: Digital Pen and Tablet works (mind), Portraits in Oil (Heart) and Abstract Landscapes (Soul).

The Metamorphica works are creations primarily from the ‘mind’, intricate and precise, drawing inspiration from mythology and symbolism. These animal headed hybrids and dead beat fashionistas mix humans with paganistic totemism and skeletal decadence, resulting in a highly stylised ultra modern icon. A framework is digitally drawn in exquisite detail and then meticulously coloured, to create the finished artwork.

The oil portraits are subjects of significant people in my life, the ‘heart’ connection, compelling me to capture aspects of these friends and family members in paint. These paintings have a vigorous energy using large brushstrokes and vibrant colour.

The abstract landscapes in oil represent the ‘ souls’ journey, wandering through the inner worlds, encountering landscapes that are swirling with elemental energy, eternally in a dance with the rhythm of existence. These paintings use thick layers of paint to create textures and depth.
I’m really excited to be coming to Satori Gallery and am looking forward to connecting with genuine people who are revitalising the contemporary art world through a new approach to traditional commission led galleries.
Regarding tips for other artist….I would suggest to take the work you love which most connects to your mind, heart and soul. Show yourself!
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