Entering the ‘Artist Dragon’s Den’ part 1

In the first of a series of interviews with artists applying to Satori Gallery for commission-free representation we talk to the amazing photographer Hugh Burden about the preparation to enter the ‘artist dragon’s den’ of a selection event.

Satori: So Hugh, how you have been deciding on the work you are bringing to the event?

Hugh: The decision of the content will be purely instinctive based on my personal likes from work made in 2016 through to present.

Satori: How do you feel about coming to Satori?

Hugh: A good question… A mixture of nervousness of the unknown mixed with excitement. Previously my photographs have only ever been judged and viewed from a commercial and technical point of view. With Satori it is obviously a different ball game and one I have never played before. From that perspective it will be exciting and interesting.

Satori: What’s your thought process for deciding on your pieces?

Hugh: I take familiar structures in nature and translate them into photographic composites of landscapes. So the thought structure is straight forward in that the clue to the final piece is initially presented as a shape or pattern. So for example I might see a landscape in the blotches and stains on a wall or maybe a pattern of objects and from that the rest springboards and the environments are re-constructed.

Satori: …and what is it that makes the selection cohesive?

Hugh: Apart form an overall use of a small colour palette, the selection is cohesive in that different collections are thematic but there’s a measure of variety from image to image to keep the viewer engaged; They are not formulaic.

Satori: What are your tips for other artists when taking your work to a selection event like this?

Hugh: I can’t presume to have any tips, as this is a new experience for me. I have learnt that writing an Artist’s statement is important and can be, and has been, quite a challenge. I suppose the tip I give myself is ‘enjoy, have fun’.

The next Satori Gallery selection event is being held on 4 November 2017, in Bristol. We will keep you updated with how the event evolves, our experiences and those of the artists and creatives we talk to.

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