The Importance of Placing Art in a ‘Home Context’

As curator for Satori Gallery, one of my responsibilities is to make sure the art we exhibit is displayed to it’s full potential.  You may instinctively think this means considering the lighting, positioning in a room, flow with surrounding works etc, and yes of course it does.  But, one of the most important aspects of curation I believe, is making sure the customer ‘sees’ how the piece of artwork can fit within their lifestyle, and abode.

For example, my own collection of Sonoran Vases can happily stand proud on plinths with sensitive lighting and imagery surrounding them, but it’s imperative people also see HOW they can be used within a home context.

At our recent launch I made sure I dressed one of the vases with a beautiful selection of flowers from a local floristry shop.  Sure enough, this vase sold on the first night and I took a commission for a duplicate vase the next morning!  People commented on the flowers and how the vase worked in synergy with the bouquet.  Several people were more reluctant to purchase taller vases because they could not imagine how flowers would work in a more slender design.  The next day I placed some additional flowers inside (gladioli and lilies) and guess what – they sold!

So, the lesson here is that although we may have a clear idea in our mind’s eye of how our creative product can be used, don’t assume everyone has this same vision.  It’s easy to forget that only we see the world through our own eyes – everyone has their own different experience so as curators, we need to create a ‘transparent lens’ through which everyone can receive the same perspective, a little like handing out 3D glasses at the cinema so everyone viewing the film can receive the same special effects! This may seem simple, but it’s certainly powerful.

Co-Founder & Curator
Satori Gallery

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