Sonya has been beavering away in her studio at the bottom of her garden translating all the wonderful inspiration she gathered from her travels to the Arizona desert..for this very moment…this weekend; Our Gallery Launch!

Each of her ceramic vessels have been influenced by the statuesque Sonoran cacti that scattered the Sonoran desert.  Curious about their haunting presence, Sonya decided to create a range of vessels depicting these strange yet beautiful natural plants.

Each vessel is made with earthenware clays, meticulously formed in layers of varying ceramic techniques such as throwing, hand building, coiling and moulding.  Each piece is fired 3 times in Sonya’s kiln where mineral rich glazes vitrify on the surface to create virgin white finishes and contrasting earth coloured counterparts.  Rims are dipped in platinum catching the light and accentuating the undulating folds.

Do join us to view this beautiful collection.  

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