One Month Until Gallery Opens

With just one month to go until the Satori Gallery opening we are becoming very excited about the prospect of bringing exciting new art, ceramic, sculpture and photographic collections to the world.

It sounds a big claim but as soon as an art gallery opens online the geographic boundaries are mostly gone and artists’ collections are broadcast far and wide.

Without the physical constraints of a set, physical space, an online gallery, coupled with dynamic pop-up exhibitions in the right place at the right time, enable artists to showcase their works to the right people in the right way.

With a unique, commission-free structure, Satori Gallery is about to disrupt how artists perceive their relationships with their galleries.

We have gone back to the drawing board to establish a fair, authentic, highly valuable structure, building upon the skills of the Founders to provide great value to the creatives we represent.

Everything will become clear on the launch weekend of Satori Gallery, in Bristol on 5/6 August 2017. In the meantime do connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and we will keep you posted with exciting progress we are making in the coming month with our launch showcase artists, renowned painter Lillian Delevoryas and exciting ceramicist Sonya.