Satori Gallery Interviews Lillian Delevoryas

Sonya from Satori Gallery spent some time In The Library with Lillian Delevoryas, exploring her inspiration, her work and ethos. Click on the image below to watch the video. SaveSave SaveSave
Lillian Delevoryas In The Library Upholstered Chair

The Story of Mel in Upholstered Chair

Lillian Delevoryas shares her story of the wonderful study of Mel in Upholstered Chair, a unique, original artwork from her In The Library Collection. "This was one of the first pieces I created using predominantly collaged pattern. In…

New Artist Gallery Submissions

We would love to hear from you if you are a creative seeking a very different style of representation for your work. As you probably know by now, Satori Gallery is a commission-free gallery that instead of taking a high percentage of the…
Lillian Delevoryas 2017 (c) Satori Gallery

"In the Library" Collection by Lillian Delevoryas

Lillian Delevoryas is a Bristol-based American artist whose career spans six decades. Trained in Fine Art, Calligraphy and Woodblock printing she initially achieved recognition during the 1970s for her pioneering work in Appliqué and Tapestry…

One Month Until Gallery Opens

With just one month to go until the Satori Gallery opening we are becoming very excited about the prospect of bringing exciting new art, ceramic, sculpture and photographic collections to the world. It sounds a big claim but as soon as an…

Lillian Delevoryas Quotes

"My only real qualification is that from an early age I have loved painting with a single-minded passion that has never abated." "We live in a world of ‘Transient passions’, and looking back to my beginnings as an artist, I would say…

Opening Weekend

We are delighted to announce that Satori Gallery will be opening its doors over the weekend of 5th and 6th August 2017. Satori Gallery is a brand new, commission-free way for artists to showcase their talents and work. Widely acclaimed artist…